As a dynamic water and civil engineering consultancy, Water Consulting East Africa offers a large range of high quality services.

 Wet Utility Services

  • Consulting services for all wet utilities (water, irrigation, sewerage, surface water) through all design stages (feasibility, master planning, concept design, preliminary design, detailed design, tender support and appraisal, construction supervision, commissioning and O&M).
  • Water resources and demand assessment.
  • Water and waste water treatment.
  • Water quality and chlorine modelling.
  • Hydrology.
  • Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) design.
  • Technical review for all of the above.​C

Development Sector Services

  • WATSAN Sector Strategies.
  • WATSAN National Action Plans.
  • WATSAN Program creation and optimisation.
  • WATSAN National/County Master Plans.
  • WATSAN General Consultancy Services.
  • Technical review for all of the above.

Surge/Water Hammer Services

  • Network or pipeline transient computer modelling and analysis.
  • Scenarios considered include: pump stop at maximum flow, priming, valve closure and opening, pump switching, valve failure.
  • Innovative protection solutions including: network/pipeline re-profile or re-design, operational modification, addition of air valves, control valves, air vessels, surge tanks or relief valves.
  • High cost benefit due to network/pipeline protection and prolongation of service life.
  • Technical review for all of the above.

Environmental Services

  • Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA): Compliance with Rwanda and international regulations and best practices.
  • Environmental Risk Assessments: Environmental and Human Health risk assessments for industrial projects.
  • Geographical Information Systems (GIS) - Mapping, modeling, surveying, site design, and assessment. Services for survey data management and visualisation.
  • Environmental Site Assessments (ESA) - For new land purchases, site revitalisation, and brownfield development.
  • Environmental and Water Sampling - Program support, management, and compliance.
  • Evaluation, selection, and installation of onsite drinking water treatment systems.

General Civil Engineering Services

  • Contract management – efficient control of contractor and site.
  • Tender appraisal – appraisal of all tenders for a client’s contract producing a salient summary and recommendations.
  • Client representation – for RFPs in countries without a client presence I will represent you and your interests with integrity. 
  • Bid support – technical support, resource programming in Microsoft Project, bid financial build up. 
  • Health and safety site assessment.​

River and Floodplain Services

  • River and floodplain computer modelling.
  • Provide solutions to river flooding and hydraulic structure design verification.
  • Flood risk assessments –required for all new developments in the UK at risk of flooding from riparian or maritime sources.
  • Technical review for all of the above.


River and Floodplain Services



General Civil Engineering Services

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